Pet Dental FAQs from All Pets Dental Care & Oral Surgery in Mt Pocono, PA

Keeping your pets’ teeth and gums in excellent condition is an important part of protecting their health overall. While you can brush their teeth at home, they should have professional dental examinations on a regular basis. Find out more about pet dental care from our Mt Pocono veterinarian, Dr. Joe Valese, with the following frequently asked questions.

Why Do Pets Need Dental Care?

Pets will develop plaque on their teeth on a daily basis, just as we do. This build up left unchecked overtime puts them at risk of developing gum disease, dental diseases, and other kinds of general health problems. These problems can end up increasing their risk of having more serious health issues, such as widespread infections, tooth loss, and even jaw fracture. These problems can lower their quality of life by causing ongoing discomfort, chronic infections, and even a shorter life span.

What Happens During a Dental Appointment for Pets?

When you bring your pets to our office in Mount Pocono for an oral health evaluation, Dr. Valese will examine their teeth, gums, and the oral cavity closely. This exam involves checking for signs of periodontal or gum disease, tooth decay, abnormal dental wear, tooth fractures, other tooth or gum problems. After the awake exam is done, Dr. Valese will discuss with you in detail his findings and his recommendations for any needed oral health care. Any dental care performed in pets, even something as straight forward as intraoral xrays, requires the pet to be placed under general anesthesia. Dr. Valese will discuss this process and procedure in detail with you at the time of your pet’s examination appointment. Your pet’s general well-being is of our utmost concern.

How Often Do Dogs and Cats Need Dental Care?

Most generally healthy dogs and cats should have their teeth and oral cavity examined annually. Senior pets or pets with active periodontal disease or other dental conditions should have their oral examination preformed more often. How often will be determined by various factors and will be discussed with you by Dr. Valese during their examination appointment. Each dog and cat is an individual with different dental and oral health needs. Whatever the schedule, bringing pets in for regular examinations is most important to ensure a happier and longer life.

Is It Safe for Older Pets to Have Dental Care?

Old age is not a disease and should never be a reason not to have needed dental care performed. In most cases leaving dental disease untreated is of more risk to a pet’s general health than is the general anesthesia needed to perform the dental care. Dr. Valese will evaluate your pet’s overall health carefully and check for any underlying medical problems prior to proceeding with any dental care procedure. If an underlying health issue does exist for your pet, Dr. Valese is an expert at providing the proper anesthetic technique for your pet’s particular health issue. Healthy senior pets should be of no greater anesthetic risk than that of healthy younger pets. Older pets can feel the ill effects of advanced dental disease more so than younger pets. They should not be left to suffer with untreated dental disease. At All Pets Dental Care and Oral Surgery we understand your concerns and will take great care of you and your pet.

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