We take great care in the detail of our anesthetic technique. We maintain our dental procedures with isoflurane anesthesia and follow the AAHA standards for veterinary dental care. We ask that you provide us with the results of a CBC and serum chemistry profile on your patient performed within 30 days if possible. We can perform the necessary laboratory work at our facility if needed. If you have any other recent laboratory results such as a urinalysis or cytology/ histopathology please send them along as well as any significant medical information that may impact their anesthetic management.

If you have taken any radiographs please send them with your client and we will return them in like manner. Once a procedure is performed we will provide both you and your client with a complete summary of all treatments along with photographs and copies of any radiograph for your patient’s medical record. A telephone follow up can also be arranged with you if desired. If you require any further information about a patient referral please call us at 570-839-1922. Also have your client contact us at this number to set up an appointment time which is convenient for them. We will make every effort to provide your clients with the level of service they deserve.

Dental Referral Form